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How a properly conducted Seance will change your life.

Posted on January 17, 2020 at 12:35 AM

Spirituality has always been of interest to me since I can remember. My mother did Card Readings and often told me about her scary paranormal experiences one in particular experience was a Séance she was a part of where apparently a girl levitated and was speaking in a demonic voice. So of course this made my curious cells active. However, I grew up with a strict Step father that would threaten to burn my body if I ever considered doing a Séance. So as you can imagine fear around this topic was big.


A couple of years ago I decided to face this fear and participate in a Séance that was going to be conducted by Anthony Grzelka, someone who’s well known for his Mediumship skills. I worked in the same building as Anthony for a while so I trusted his Energy. I had experienced lights blowing out while he was doing Séances with other groups and it would make me scared to be in the building alone, but Anthony always walked out with a cool and calm look like it was no big deal. So I knew if I was ever going to be in the room when a Séance was taking place I knew I’d feel safe with him.


We had a preparation class with Anthony beforehand. There was 6 of us around the table and a candle on a table on the other side of the room. When Anthony began to call on the Spirits and ask the Spirits questions we began to get tapping under the table. At this point I could still rationalize it. Then it became cold in the room and I started shaking. The table began to drag across the room and it wasn’t any of us because all our hands were flat on top of the table. Suddenly the table began to lift up in front of me, it went all the way up to my chin then slammed down onto the floor in front of me. I said “I swear that wasn’t me!!” We could hear and feel footsteps walking around us and I had the feeling of hands running down my back. When I turned around I couldn’t see anything and everyone around the table couldn’t either.


The candle eventually blew itself out and we were in darkness. As Anthony continued to communicate with the Entities the table continues to lift and drop and move around the room to the point of where at one stage all 6 of us were around the table following it everywhere it took us. The entities continued to respond to the questions with taps on the table for yes and no. When everything was over and we had a debrief afterwards. For almost 2 weeks I was soooo drained and sleepy in a way I hadn’t felt before. I realized that I needed more self-protection strategies and my focus became on developing that part.


The experience is one that will change your life and I recommend everyone doing a Séance with Anthony at least one time in their lives. When you experience everything right in front of your eyes, with your own body at a physical level you can’t deny its existence. It will shake your world from the inside out. You will start looking at the world differently, knowing that there is something more there even if your eyes can't see it on a daily basis. To actually have proof of the world of spirit right before your very eyes, and not only that the thought that it actually does respond and interact with you as you wish really stretches your mind to what is real and what isn’t. If you want to open your mind, be shaken to the core and get proof of spirit beyond denial, then I highly recommend having this experience at least Once in your lifetime. There is nothing to Fear when you have someone professional like Anthony guiding you through the experience.


Anthony can be contacted on his website contract their team to find out when he is holding the next Séance and blow your mind wide open.

By Carla Savannah


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3:39 AM on January 17, 2020 
Unbelievable Carla ... Just before you officially posted the story I had read on IG I investigated Anthonys profile, as from reading your IG post ... And just WOW how this joined in personally with me - he is holding a senance @fairbridge farm. This triggered a memory as I visited, this farm on a school primary school day out .. And i remember just like now having and picking up senses of ``live energy`` and I remember the word ``raw `` I kept hearing the phrase while being there... After quietly listening I turned to my instinct to look everywhere - really observe the environment + take a mental note of the surrounds and log it as a mental note like one day I will come across and actually a month ago I was thinking of @fairbridge farm. I am at joy and how I am developing now as an adult learning and gaining experiences through my experiences as a being who feels and opting to break cycles. I am honoured in reading your blog....