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Want to solve your Money problems?

Posted on January 29, 2020 at 6:05 PM

Everyone wants to win the Lotto and desires a get rich quick scheme. But has anyone done some research on what happens to these people after they’ve become rich so quickly? Why is it that so many people who’ve won the Lotto have said that it’s the worst thing that happened to them, Winning the Lotto actually ruined people’s lives. That’s right.


The simple way to say this is, giving money to those who never have any won’t fix the underlying money problem. If a person wasn’t capable of managing their pennies how are they going to be able to manage their millions? In essence if someone is not good at dealing with, saving and budgeting what difference will it make to give them more of it.


I grew up with a Father saying to me “Carla, you can’t live a Champagne Life on a Lemonade Budget” or “Only an earned Millionaire will know what to do with his millions”. As much as I wanted to ignore him he was right! I’ve noticed that businesses that have built up slowly and gradually their profit, account and clientele over time are more likely to succeed long term than a business that is given a lump sum to get started. All the necessary growth steps that it takes to build a business are skipped when given a large lump sum to start off with. An upward trending business has the opportunity to learn from the hurdles and mistakes it took them to get up there.


Same with someone who wins a million dollars. Suddenly they would go on a spending spree, waste all the money and buy investments they wouldn’t know how to maintain. Futhermore, they wouldn’t have the mental or emotional capacity to deal with what that much money brings. Such as false friends, popularity, inauthentic relationships, scammers etc… If they had of built that money progressively over time they would have had lots of time to adjust to the increasing flow of abundance and change in lifestyle. Making them better and better at managing their money affairs.


There are many emotional challenges that surround dealing with money. Every time you hand over your money to pay for something you are saying to that person “What you’re offering is more important than me keeping my money” So asking yourself that question before spending would be a great place to start. Are those eyelashes worth more to you than your money or is that healthy food worth more than your money? Start to evaluate what’s more important to you than your money, notice everything you’ve been exchanging your money for. All the things you’ve been spending on you are telling the universe that it’s more important than having money.


One more thing. When I do financial Realignments for people the most common thing I hear my clients say is “I want financial freedom!” Note that to want financial freedom would indicate that you don’t like having to deal with money or don’t enjoy dealing with it. In essence you want so much of it so that you don’t even have to mentally engage with the thought of what to do with it or care about it. Now if you are in a constant relationship with money and you keep telling yourself and the universe that you want to be free of having to deal with it, do you think the Universe is going to give you more of what you don’t like having to deal with??? Think about it.


In conclusion, solve all your Money issues mentally and emotionally first, then progressively build your financial legacy. That way you are a match to your abundance and will be more likely to sustain this abundance long term.

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